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Hello is this game still being worked on?

Hi, not the dev(s) and it's been a few months so maybe you know by now but if you don't--the devs are more active on Twitter and it seems like the game is very much still being worked on! Their last devlog was about a couple weeks ago from what I saw.

A thank you. Not so active on twitter so not following them there.

They are also more active on Kickstarter: the Twitter post linked to their devlong on KS if you wanna check that out also! 

Nice game, it's a legend of Zelda style game. I like the Graphic and the music. I recommend it to play, also here is a video about the game


Toasty: Ashes of Dusk must be so much fun to play. Please consider bringing it to Playstation. It’d be a day 1 purchase for me. 😎

I made a glitch video:

A fun little game. Love the humor and the retro look.

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Yeah, um. I found a really broken glitch with the chests in the factory. When you open the chests in this room and go down on the forklift, it resets the chests so you can get the same loot over and over again. Was how I got the certificate easily.

Chest Glitch

This was a glitch, but we thought it was funny and decided to leave it. It's absolutely a fun way to farm for that cert! Stay tuned for the entirely new demo! 🤫😎

Seems great !

The gif is scared of my cursor.


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I love this adorable little game. I can't wait for the full release!! as soon as I see it out on steam im gonna buy it, even if it's glitch ridden and bug infested, I will get it. I love your work. it's art. keep doing what you do best. it's great. :) 10/10, life filled and cute. the pixel art reminds me of undertale, what a sweet game. but it also is sort of like sonic the hedgehog. keep up the great work! have a good day! 


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WOW!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Kickstarter is almost hereeeee



I have so much love for this demo. It's full of life, gorgeous design, lots of NPCs to interact with and be bamboozled by and an all-round great little battle and item system.

That's not to say there aren't things that can be improved upon of course, I had an issue equipping and using items at one point, although whenever I have a problem with a game I usually put it down to my own stupidity and not the interface!

It was really fun to walk around this little world, fighting off bad guys and building up my healthy supply of money (I'm rich, I tells ya, rich!). I'm waiting for the Kickstarter with bated breath and I'm 99.9999999% confident that whatever target the devs set will be well and truly smashed (they have my backing for sure)!

So get this demo downloaded, marvel at the awesome old-school adventure game style, laugh at the funny interactions with the townsfolk and be outright entertained!

I cant wait to get my hands on the steam release. I recommend adding a menu area that says 'save game' so you can save where you last where and the items, and story progress, that way I don't start back at the house with no progress when I start up the game again fresh from files on my laptop/pc. thanks.

hey on my laptop when it's not windowed, esc won't get me out, it just brings up the menu. I just press the windows button to exit temporarily. it's just stupidly confusing. I got latest version btw. just a bug report. other than that, even on my ancient thinkpad laptop I own, it runs smooth and fast. I love the 16 bit style. love it! keep up the good work! :)

same here .. . but that's how it is all the time for me, having to press the windows key to get out. a lot of games are like that for me, is that unusual?

not really, but usually most games have a "quit game" button on the menu if they are demos for big games like this. if it's a beginning dev's game, then generally they have no exit game button and the windows button is needed for escape.

I suppose one comment I have is that there's no way to exit the demo when you're using controller support in full-screen. I had to use the Task Manager to get out of it!


Really sorry about that. I've been using ESC to get out of it. That's something we will address in the next update!

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This video is before the latest update but I still have fun making it. The NPCs are super fun to act out and with the new combat moves added it made fighting the monsters really fun

COFFEE ELIXIR << SUPER BIG fan of this quest

I'm really liking this wacky world, sweet demo, can't wait to see more. :)

Love the animations and art style, can't wait for a full release

Thank you! Ill be sure to give this a watch!

The game looks really awesome! Any chance of macOS build?

We are currently working on a Mac build for the demo as well as a linux one. :]

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I wanna play the full game, the demo was very unique and amazing, keep up the good work, Toasty Team!

I'd rate the demo of " Toasty" a 1000/10!

WOW! Thank you so much!! <3

You're welcome, I hope that the full game will be awesome!!!

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It's not working for me.Whenever i try to play it automatically puts me in controllere mode and i do not have a controllere.

This problem happened for someone else. Do you have anything plugged into your PC that windows may think is a controller? 

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Nope only mouse and keyboard

I rezolved it there was a progam that Windows identify as a controller

OH what Program was it? 

It would be great to see a linux build.

We're actively working on it. Sorry about the wait...

this is so awesome. it's so charming and fun. i did encounter a bug though. when you're being raised by the forklift, if a zomb-shroom touches the forklift, it dissapears. other than that, it's perfect!

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i beat it in 3:28 btw

Oh! What version did you play by chance? We fixed that bug in 1.10! :D Soooo happy you enjoyed the game!! 

I can’t think at the moment of what update it is, but I’ll look when I get the chance


This was a ton of fun! Art, humor, music, and gameplay were all great. Having most characters be different types of food made for some neat designs and interactions as well. I really loved the weird responses you could give to characters too! Definitely something I'm going to keep my eye on! Definitely give this a shot if you enjoy Minit or 2D Zelda games. Props to the devs!

Another bald protagonist?


...Marshmallows have hair?


I guess not. Another bald protagonist.

Wow! I really like this. You have a real cool project going here!

Thank you!! We're working hard to make it more polished. Then that Kickstarter will make in CrAzY

awww Man, 2 Years :(

Could be sooner! We don't know yet! The Kickstarter drops soon and it'll depend on what tiers we hit :D

This game was soo much fun to play!!! Had me laughing throughout the whole gameplay!!! Hoping to see this as a full release!!! GREAT JOB!!! 

I tried to play the game with keyboard but the starting screen only allows me to use a controller

If your controller is plugged in then the keyboard won't be recognized. Make sure any sort of controller isn't plugged it when you run it!

I don't even have a controller

Something in one of your USB ports is being registered as a controller. Is there any weird peripherals plugged in?

I don't think so

Actually, I think my headphones are regestering as a controller

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Seems Great ! =D

This game was great! It has so much potential. Just uploaded a video on it. 






good! i like it when people cower before me. now give me all the copies of sonic 06, peasant.


Made a video


The game was great, I loved the dialouge and gameplay. There was only one issue which was the game crashed on me while I was playing. After I caught a monster when I hit it once the game crashed.


OH!! This glitch happened to me as well and nobody else was able to recreate it! Thank you so much for that. We're definitely going to get that fixed in the next update. Thank you  for letting us know!


good gameplay, nice pixel art and really fun! Congrats for this demo and good luck on the project! I'll be sharing the demo on my blog (in spanish) @indieboy10


Thank you so much!!

Take one part Zelda, one part comedy, a dash of retro nostalgia, and a talking llama, then put them all in a pot and cook for an hour...and you'll probably get food poisoning. Toasty, on the other hand, is a fun treat of a game, full of silly humor and food people. Also slimes, coffee, puns, television-heads, marshmallow-heads, and pretty ladies who support your endevours. And that's just in a demo! I'm eager to see what comes with the full game.

Good job, devs.

Proof that I did the thing! The grotto was the biggest help.

Well now we gotta show you off on Twitter!

Oh, I meant to mention this before, but there's a layering issue where it's possible to stand on the llama bro's head. Unless that was intentional. (Either way, I found it funny.)

Oh yeah we fixed that in the second update. We can't be havin' that haha

This game was so freaking cute!! I am a big fan of the cutesy astetic mixed with darker humor like "spork news" Im gunna leave my play-through below, i really enjoyed this demo! (My Wife Approves!) lol

We will definitely give it a watch! Thank you so much for the kind words!!!

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I had a really fun time with the demo!! I did also discover a couple of bugs as pointed out in the demo that may be worth noting. Looking forward to the Kickstarter campaign!!

Also not really sure why it's showing a link rather than the youtube thumbnail?^^

Thanks Sammy!
We watched your video and were happy you enjoyed yourself playing our game! The first thing you ran into was something you needed to "interact" with. The coin out of reach is something we will take note of and you gotta face away from the torches to travel on fire. We're gonna take your experience and adjust a few things for future plays. Thank you so much!

No problem, had a great time! Definitely going to check out the first thing I ran into in the house!!

i cant seem to click anything when the game pops up

Once the game boots up you have to use Keyboard or a controller.


I love how this is an amazing game and yeah, love the ending too like what infamous rabbit said (:


 loooveeeddd this game soooo much
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