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This is so much fun!


I love the art and the, he-he, ODDNESS of the game. I'm really glad I could play the demo. I don't know which part is my favorite - either a bear boss or the fire puzzle. Good job, guys!

Will it support Linux?

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We're working on the Linux version right now. We will update everyone once it drops :]

Oh, wow! Brilliant :D


This game looks great so far! Just as a suggestion, it'd be cool to see some more sound effects when certain actions happen like Marshall rolling or being set on fire. Besides that all I noticed is that Marshall can sort of clip through the top of some tall objects like the pole outside Oscar's house and the boss. Not sure if that's intended or not but thought I should mention it. Anyways, this game looks interesting, excited to play it soon :D


Thank you!!! We plan on updating the demo quite a few times and we definitely have a plan for my SFX! That's actually on our Trello! I'll make sure to address those collision issues as well. Thanks for taking the time to check out our game :] 

Awesome! Loved Wilhelm's store!

Looking forward to the full-game, keep up the good job :)

why does everything on your page shake

They tremble in fear of your mighty mouse.


the music in this game is absolutely fantastic! bravo!

Thank you so much!! I'll be sure to let our sound guy know!


This is really cool and very well made!! Wish there was an actual boss but can't wait to see where it takes y'all!! If I had the money I would donate a bit

Also cant collect coins on the edge, probably change the collider of the water!!

Thank you so much! We will continue to update the demo so WhO kNoWs!

Also we will fix that bug!! Thank you so much for catching this! >_<


Toasty nails it with its comedy, story, and charming pixel art. Its crispy, its crunchy, and its making me hungry! LOL Fantastic job on this game, i would highly recommend to everyone!


Holy butts, THANK YOU!! We're so glad you had a good time! <3

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