Toasty: Ashes of Dusk Dev Log - September 2021

Oh hai, hello! It’s Tanya here with a long overdue dev log for our marshmallow loving friends. I first wanted to start off by giving my sincerest apologies, I know many of you were reaching out asking about the Aug dev log and unfortunately, with personal life stuff butting in, both the newsletter and dev log did not go out. BUT, we are here now and I got the juicy info y’all have been waiting for!

Our kickstarter campaign’s follower count is growing like the shrooms in Shroomville and we CANNOT thank you enough for your support! It honestly means the world to us that so many of you want to participate in the development of Toasty: AoD. If you have not already followed and would like to join the list to be first to know when we launch, you can click below to follow!

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Here we go with the big deets. I will break up the update into 3 main categories this time: Art/Assets, Programming, and Narrative/Concept.

Art / Assets

The months of July and August have been absolutely INSANE on our art front. There have been so many things tackled and completed that you would be shocked if you saw it happen first hand like myself! Brain has been like an art dev god and just ripping through their deliverables like they were nothing! It's cray cray y’all! Brian has also been streaming his artwork of Toasty:AoD on their Twitch channel (Twitch.TV/its_voxid - yes I plugged you Brian xD) Here is a little snapshot into their work for July & August:

  • ALL animations for the first dungeon boss have been completed
  • Completed all of the sprites for the collectible items available in the shops
  •  Started map tiles for the ghost ship dungeon


With Maya joining the ranks in the month of June, a lot of stuff has been getting done from our two programmers! Faulty has been nose to the grindstone working through backend code for the event system and ironing out all of that complicated alien code that I just don’t understand haha. Our lovely Doops (Justin East) has also jumped aboard the programming train just flying through some of the Shroomville stuff and more. He has even been streaming his work of Toasty through his Twitch (Twitch.TV/its_dooper - yes I plugged you too Justin xD)! So let’s get to the deets below:

  • Maya added the “important item pickup” state for Marshall
  • Doops condensed/revised Shroomville for better map feel
  •  Doops created the rooms for the first dungeon in the game
  •  Doops worked on the collision for the dungeons
  • Doops worked on a surprise change to the great tree? (No idea what this is myself)
  • Faulty revamped the transition system for travelling between rooms/levels
  • Faulty added a pause menu with functional inventory and world map
  • Faulty added some SFX & music
  • Faulty updated the dialogue system and fixed a few dialogue bugs
  • Faulty worked on backend code for the Event system that communicates between other internal systems

Narrative / Concept

The script is pretty much finished and ready for review and revisions! With everything written out, it is just a matter of mapping out dialog and where they are supposed to go. Ivy has also finished ALL of the concept art for the game’s maps. Like...all of them haha.

  •  Dialog box work and speech placement
  • Finalized the concept art for each of the towns and added in all details

This pretty much sums up the main things the team has been busy working on throughout the months of July and August! We have been continuing our work into the month of September and I am excited to share them in the next dev log to be released in October! Keep your eyes peeled for more Toasty things! And last but definitely not least, thank you to all of you for your continued support and love. <3

Until Next Month!

Your Toasty:AoD Community Manager,

Tanya - AKA Tannyerz

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